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The First Project of IOT Monitoring System for Historical Building Conservation will be soon Completed in Shanghai

    On July 30th, 2014, Shanghai Research Center of Cultural Heritage Protection and JianWei Historic Architecture Conservation Tech. Co., Ltd. held an academic conference on issues related to the remote monitoring programme for the Huzhu Tower in Songjiang District. More than ten specialists attended the meeting, including Chen Yang, the principal of Municipal Real Estate Academy of Sciences, Dr. Cao Yongkang, the director of International Centre for the Architectural Culture Heritage Protection, and other project-related experts.
    The meeting was hosted by Tan Yufeng, chief engineer of Shanghai Research Center of Cultural Heritage Protection. Experts attending the meeting expressed their own views freely and had a heated discussion. While confirming the project, they also advanced many reasonable proposals. Firstly, experts fully confirmed the significance of the project, which is to set electronic medical records, to monitor and collect relevant data about the security of Huzhu Tower in order to provide scientific basis for future rescue protection. And all the work will be done according to the principle of "protection is prior, rescue the first".

    Technical team of the company will further improve the proposal according to the precious advices given by experts during the meeting. Once the proposal passes the review and comes into practice, its monitoring data will be adopted into the database for immovable cultural relics to offer valuable references for the future engineering design for the preservation of cultural relics.
    As the nation’s first project of IOT Monitoring System for Historical Building Conservation, the successful implement of Huzhu Tower project provides a great opportunity for Jianwei to generalize the IOT Monitoring System to all heritage buildings nationwide.

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