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The Successful Hosting of 2013 Annual Meeting and the Fifth Anniversary Celebration of Jianwei Group

     On January 25th, 2014, Shanghai Jianwei Group’s 2013 Annual Meeting and the Fifth Anniversary finished sucessfully in ablaze and amused atmosphere. During the 3-day celebration, the company held a series of activities, including corporate training, retrospective meeting for executives, cultural and sports games, summary and commendation meeting, art performance party, and so on.
     On January 23rd, all the company staff came together in Gloria Plaza Hotel Kangqiao to summarize the company’s development course in the past 5 years, and listen to the board of directors’ report about the second five-year development planning. In the afternoon, the third session of enterprise basketball competition “Jianwei Cup” was held in the gymnasium of Zhongqiao College. All the staff participated actively and they are passionate and enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm means their support and affirmation for our company and shows our entrepreneurial spirits.

     In the night, all the executives came together in the 4th floor of Head Office to convene the retrospective meeting for executives. At the meeting, every manager of the company objectively analyzed the causes and summarized experience and lessons based on the 2013 performance completion status of departments. Meanwhile, they sought for effective measures and approaches way to complete their 2014 performance indicators, and speak glowingly of our second 5-year plan. In the end of the meeting, Guo Weiming, the chairman of the group, appealed to all the staff’s efforts to create positive and united working environment.
    On the afternoon of January 25th, the president Guo held a summary and commendation meeting, he reported the whole year’s achievement in running and management and commended all the excellent staff.

    The last but the most interesting part of the celebration is the art performance party. Every member tried their all means to perform, poetry recitation, piano performing, stage musicals, lottery draw, and many other performance brought the celebration a climax.

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